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Your Total
Fuel Maintenance
& Repair Solution

We deliver total petroleum solutions inclusive of fuel tank repairs, maintenance programs, testing and upgrades. We'll help you establish or improve your fuel and management systems to align with all current legislative requirements.

Innovative & Reliable

Efficient fuel management with regular maintenance and necessary tank repairs reduces cost, eliminates downtime, increases safety and protects the environment. These are the key focus and specialised service areas for the FME business.

We're a progressive company that continually invests in market research and development of products and equipment that will value add to delivering fuel maintenance services and improve client outcomes.

Services that FME offer include:

  • Barrel management
  • Bowser repairs, maintenance & installation
  • Bunkering
  • Site builds and tank installations

Road Tanker Service & Repairs

In accordance with the Dangerous Goods Legislation, FME is an accredited provider for inspection services of bulk fuel carriers that require access to participating oil industry facilities. In addition to these inspection services FME carry out specialist fuel tank repairs for road tankers inclusive of;

  • De-gassing and gas testing
  • Internal and external repairs to tanker shells
  • 2.5 year and 5 year scheduled hydrostatic testing for road tankers (to meet legislative requirements under the Dangerous Goods Act)
  • Weights and measures verification
  • SLP inspections
  • Modifications, upgrades and cleaning
  • All aspects of onsite repair

Bowser Repairs & Maintenance

FME  undertake routine maintenance, repairs and inspections of all on-site dispensing equipment, testing of underground fuel lines, testing and treating (as required) of storage tanks to prevent fuel contamination as well as annual calibrations and certification of metering equipment as part of their bowser maintenance service. Key clients and services are delivered to;

  • OPT sites
  • Shire works depots
  • Large transport companies that have in house tanks/bowsers
  • Retail Service Stations
  • Large Civil companies that have in house tanks/bowsers

Bunkering & Aviation

Including specialised labour hire

With the in house experience of 20 years plus in the fuel maintenance and service delivery business FME is well positioned to deliver the following services including;

  • Bunkering
  • Specialised labour hire

Site Builds & Installations

FME can offer clients a turnkey solution in developing manned and unmanned sites. With established industry relationships with designers, specialised trades and suppliers, FME works with their clients to produce cost effective solutions based on the clients desired outcomes.

Similarly FME has the expertise in assisting in the decommissioning of sites and removal of old tanks and contaminated materials.

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